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Albert M. Berghuis



🏢 Bellini Life Sciences Building, Room 470


🔬 Research interest: antibiotic resistance, drug development, enzyme mechanism, protein-drug interactions, protein engineering, structure-based drug design

📚 Publications

Dr. Berghuis’ research focuses on exploiting various complementary biophysical techniques, such as X-ray diffraction, scattering and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to examine the structural basis for enzyme mediated catalysis. Knowledge gained from these studies can be applied to the development of drugs if the enzyme is implicated in disease. As well, such information can aid protein engineering efforts for green chemistry applications if the enzyme catalyzes an industrially relevant chemical transformation. One of the main research directions pursued in Dr. Berghuis’ lab is the study of bacterial enzymes that provide protection against anti-infectives, thus conferring antibiotic resistance. This research has shed light on the origins of bacterial drug resistance and, more importantly, has informed the development of next-generation anti-infectives, which are less susceptible to antibiotic resistance. In this context, Dr. Berghuis is also pursuing adjuvant therapy strategies by employing various structure-guided development approaches such as fragment screening, with the objective of combating antibiotic resistant infections.

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