Armando Jardim


🏢 Parasitology Building, Room P-105


🔬 Research interest: Leishmania, peroxisome, membrane protein, protein-protein interaction, Trichuris suis, Type III secretion, enteropathogenic E. coli

📚 Publications

The Jardim group employs biophysical, biochemical, genetic, and microscopic techniques to investigate three major research themes. They are; 1) dissection of the protein-protein and protein-lipid interactions involved in the biogenesis of the glycosome, an organelle found in the parasite Leishmania, which is being validated as a target; 2) studying the assembly of the E. coli type III secretion system translocon on the host cell plasma membrane, and 3) identification and immunological characterization of immunomodulatory proteins and metabolites released by the parasitic worm Trichuris suis. These factors are being investigated for the treatment of autoimmune disorders.