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Karine Auclair

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🏢 Otto Maass Chemistry Building, Room 422


🔬 Research interest: antibiotics and resistance, bioprocesses and biomedical systems, chemical synthesis and catalysis, drug metabolism, organic molecules and biomolecules

📚 Publications

Dr. Auclair’s research work takes advantage of chemical tools to study and manipulate biological systems. She is especially interested in antibiotic resistance, enzymology and biocatalysis (towards green chemistry). Her research group has expertise in synthesis, medicinal chemistry, enzymology, mechanoenzymatic processes, biocatalysis, as well as protein purification, expression and engineering (including bioconjugation). The main goal of her research is to understand how enzymes work and how they can be harnessed or perturbed, especially for pharmaceutically relevant proteins such as antibiotic targets, resistance-causing enzymes, drug activation and drug metabolism. Results of these studies have implications in fields as varied as medicine, biotechnology, industrial processing, agriculture and food science.

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