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Paul W. Wiseman



🏢 Otto Maass Chemistry Building, Room 330


🔬 Research interest: biophysical chemistry, biophysics, image correlation spectroscopy, image cross-correlation spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, multiphoton microscopy, cell migration, cell adhesion, cell transport, oligomerization

📚 Publications

The Wiseman group works on development and cellular applications of imaging-based fluorescence fluctuation methods, including image correlation spectroscopy (ICS), moment analysis, and spatial intensity distribution analysis (SpIDA), to measure receptor transport, densities, and oligomerization state within intact cells. They characterize cellular signaling, receptor transport and protein interactions in living cells and neurons, with application to cell migration, signal transduction, axon pathfinding and synaptic formation. The group applies new nonlinear microscopy techniques for imaging extracellular matrices and metallic nanoparticles, and detecting malaria-infected blood cells.

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