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codruta ignea

Codruta Ignea_edited.jpg


🏢 McConnel Engineering Building Room 354, Research Lab located at the Pavillon des sciences biologiques (SB) UQAM, Room SB-5415


🔬 Research Interest: synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, terpenoid biosynthesis, membrane engineering, precision fermentation, biomanufacturing

📚 Publications

Intrigued by Nature's chemical complexity, Dr. Ignea focuses her research on discovery and production of high-value compounds or new-to-nature molecules using biological synthesis. The research program in Ignea group aims to engineer biosynthetic systems for production of terpenoids, the largest class of natural products with a broad range of applications in health, industry, or agriculture. Research activities run across this program include: a) Biomimicking natural systems for redesigning the metabolism of production hosts to improve performance of heterologous pathways and enzymes and promote pathway regulation and optimization; b) Accelerating exploration of nature's chemical space for the discovery of novel compounds with potential new biological activities, increased potency, or improved bioavailability; c) Unlocking the catalytic potential of biosynthetic enzymes involved in natural or artificial pathways reconstructed in microbial host cells.

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