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Susanne Bechstedt



🏢 Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry Building, Room W309


🔬 Research interest: microtubules, MAPs, mitosis, cryo-electron microscopy, intrinsically disordered proteins

📚 Publications

Dr. Bechstedt is interested in the control of microtubule dynamics by microtubule associated proteins (MAPs). Microtubules within cytoskeletal structures, like mitotic spindles, are not very long-lived. Despite appearing as solid and stable and their ability to exert large forces, individual microtubules are constantly turning over with half-lives of about 20 seconds, while the entire spindle remains stable for minutes to hours.  This highly dynamic behavior is controlled by MAPs, many of which are associated with diseases like neurodegenerative disorders or cancer. The Bechstedt’s lab is using biophysics, cell biology, and structural biology to understand how MAPs are taking control of microtubules and what goes wrong in diseases.

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