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andrew bayne wins the second annual Maximilian Eivaskhani In Memoriam Graduate Scholarship

The Centre de recherche en biologie structurale is proud to announce that the second annual Maximilian Eivaskhani In Memoriam Graduate Scholarship has been awarded to Andrew Bayne, PhD candidate in the McGill Department of Pharmacoogy and Therapeutics, for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Andrew studies how mitochondria, the organelles responsible for energy production, assemble and repair themselves. Mitochondria are essential for cellular life; damaged mitochondria can trigger adverse immune responses that lead to inflammation and neurodegeneration. Specifically, Andrew’s project focuses on the characterization of one enzyme within the mitochondria - the mitochondrial processing peptidase (MPP) - which is a protease that cleaves off targeting signals from proteins which are directed to and imported into mitochondria. While mutations in MPP are implicated in various disorders including cerebellar ataxias and severe childhood neurodegeneration, exactly how MPP dysfunction causes these disorders remains unclear. Moreover, there are currently no therapeutics for treating these disorders.  During the scholarship period, Andrew will focus on the biochemical characterization and structural determination of MPP in complex with substrates in order to unveil the mechanisms of MPP function and its dysregulation in disease. This work will propel the development of MPP-focused therapeutics and will shed light on novel mechanisms of mitochondrial assembly and repair in health and disease.


Andrew will hold the Scholarship and perform his research in the lab of Dr. Jean-François Trempe (Trempe Lab | Structural pharmacology | Québec).

About the Maximilian Eivaskhani In Memoriam Graduate Scholarship:

Maximilian Eivaskhani was brilliant doctoral student in the Centre de recherche en biologie structurale and Department of Biochemistry. After a tragic bicycle accident, he passed away on June 24, 2020, one day before his 29th birthday.  


Maximilian, or Max to his friends in Montreal, was from Germany and enrolled in the Biochemistry Department at McGill as a PhD student in 2017. At McGill, he won a prestigious fellowship to support his studies of biosynthetic enzymes, and he made exceptional breakthroughs in his main project, as well as publishing a co-first author article in Science. He was a rising star in the McGill scientific community. Max was also a talented athlete, an exceptional friend and colleague, being energetic and outgoing as well as sensitive and empathetic.  


The Maximilian Eivaskhani In Memoriam Graduate Scholarship has been established in memory of this outstanding scientist and young man. It is bestowed annually upon the highest ranked applicant in the Centre de recherche en biologie structurale scholarship competition as a way help honour the legacy of our beloved student, friend, and scientist.  For more information, or to donate to the Maximilian Eivaskhani In Memoriam Fund, which supports the Scholarship, please visit In Memoriam: Maximilian Keywan Eivaskhani (1991-2020) | Alumni & Friends - McGill University

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